Who is Lucy?

Lucy is a single mother who has been working in various fields for the past few years. She went to college in the East Coast, where she studied music. Then, she transferred back to the West Coast where she began producing music.

Lucy's goal and life passion was to create her own music company. However, due to a few incidents that happened in her life, this dream did not become possible. At the age of 30, Lucy found that she was losing her hearing. As a result of severe hearing loss, she could only hear 10% of a normal person.

At this time, she is completely deaf and communicates by sign language and by normal English text. Whenever she has her phone on her, she will type notes for other people to read, and other people type notes on her phone to communicate with her. She expresses gratitude for the power of mobile phones because without them, she would have to carry around a paper at all times, and she does not like that.

However, that was not the only incident that stopped Lucy from producing music. At the age of 33, she lost her fingers in a boating accident. Because her favorite instrument (the guitar) requires extensive using of the fingers, her dream of producing music using the guitar became impossible. Lucy expresses that she does not want people to feel sorry for her. She wants people to look at her as a normal person and not as a disabled person.

If you would like to contact Lucy, please call or email her.