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A personal injury attorney has many responsibilities. These include both professional and ethical rules that any lawyer has to abide by, as well as other obligations. If your goal is to attend law school, it would be a good idea to be aware of these right now so you know what is expected of you.

Lawyers get licensed through the Bar Association of their state. For example, if a lawyer practices in Los Angeles, he or she was licensed through the California State Bar. Once they are licensed, they are legally able to practice law, file complaints, argue cases, draft legal complaints, and offer legal advice to their clients. The attorney-client confidentiality rules prohibit attorneys from disclosing any communication that happened between a client and attorney during the course of receiving legal advice. Even if someone is not yet a client, and just interviewing various lawyers, those communications are also protected. If a lawyer accidentally discloses such information, he could have some problems down the road.

One of the responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer is to interview clients to separate the good from the bad. A lawyer is a businessman and wants cases that will make him money. Throughout the day, an injury lawyer will get contacted by hundreds of prospective clients, but only a few will end up having a valid and legit case, so the lawyer will be interviewing a lot of people during the day, and place them in three different categories. Category number one is the group of people that definitely have a case. These are the people who have been significantly injured, and there is definite liability. This group tends to be the smallest. Category number is a group that we like to call inconclusive. These people donít have or donít provide enough information to make a determination as to whether or not they have a legitimate legal case against someone. This group will require further time for research, and they will be usually asked to provide for more evidence, such as witness testimony or video clips of an accident. The ultimate goal or responsibility of a personal injury lawyer is to obtain justice for his clients, and this takes a lot of resources because building a strong case requires a lot of time and also a lot of legal knowledge and experience. You can find more information on the website of this Los Angeles injury lawyer who was kind enough to do an interview for this article.

According to UCLA School of Law, a lawyer must abide by many strict legal standards when dealing with clients. A lawyer must be knowledgeable in his field, and make a reasonable effort to help his clients. He must also respect attorney-client confidentiality rules, and never disclose confidential information to any third parties without the consent of his client. They must maintain confidentiality on every case, unless someone is in danger. For example, if a lawyer has just received news that his client is about to hurt herself, then he cannot keep quiet because of confidentiality reasons. He must alert the police and other related authorities. Simply put, a lawyer must protect the interest of his clients as much as possible, but not to the extent that would put the public in danger. This slip and fall lawyer recalls a story of a client who had come to his office. The client seemed distressed, and discussed some family problems with the attorney in confidentiality. When the client's spouse barged into his office the next day to receive information regarding the communications, the attorney had to call the authorities to remove the spouse from the premises.

Lawyers must also have good communication skills because they must keep their clients abreast of what is happening with their case. They should respond promptly to emails and phone calls or voice messages. If you ever dealt with a lawyer who is always in court or out of the office, then you should fire him because that is not a good sign. A lawyer must be available during business hours to answer your questions. Of course, this doesnít mean the lawyer cannot ever be out of the office. But if he is always unavailable, then that is a good reason to hire someone else.